William walked away as his footsteps stomped on the soft grass with anger. His mind was rushing and his blood flowing with rage. How could Winston Wolfmeister even consider such an absurd idea? He must have lost his mind. To think that twenty years after defeating him and saving his family from a disaster, William could sell them away to the wolf, just for some peace and quiet. It is true that his life at home is far from ideal, and he does wish to regain his peace of mind, but not at the price of his family.

William’s thoughts continued to rush in his mind as he walked towards his home. Gradually he felt his steps slowing down and his rage decreasing. He soon realised the reason why, he was wondering what it would be like if he agreed to Wolfmeister’s offer! Slapping his face, William yelled to himself: “You’ve lost your mind too you idiot! Snap out of it!”

After a lengthy walk, William finally arrived at the door of his home. He stood there for a moment, taking a deep breath as he slowly opened the door, dreading what awaited him on the other side.

“Finally you’re home! Where have you been for God’s sake!” yelled William’s wife Linda.

“Well on my…” William started to explain.

“Never mind, here, take James to his bed, and don’t you dare wake him up!” interrupted Linda.

William walked up to his room and laid his baby son into his bed. As he walked away, he heard noise coming out of his daughter Lizzy’s room. He opened the door slowly and found her fighting with her brother Andrew.

“Give it back to me your annoying brat! It’s mine” yelled Lizzy.

“I want to read it, please!” yelled back Andrew.

Just as William was about to speak, a voice yelled from behind him: “Kids! Stop it immediately! Andrew, go back to your room, and Lizzy, do your homework” said Linda.

“But mother, I already did my homework.” answered Lizzy.

“Nonsense! You came home one hour ago and you finished lunch barely half an hour ago. Now get back to your studies!” yelled back Linda.

Lizzy turned to her desk while yelling in anger: “I hate my life!”

Andrew walked away to his room and Linda turned to William and said: “It would be good if you discipline the kids from time to time. After all, they are also your kids. I cannot do everything on my own.”

Linda walked back down and William walked to his room to change. Just as he was about to undress, he heard his wife calling his name.

“William! William! William!”

He ran down the stairs in panic and asked his wife: “What is the matter?”

“Do something with your brother Oliver! I cannot take it anymore! The living room is filthy! His beer cans are everywhere, cigarette buds all over the place and crumbs of food all over the couch and the floor! I will not clean after him anymore! I am not a maid here! Deal with this!”

William walked to the living room and found his brother Oliver sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, while he watched a movie on television.

“Hello Oliver” said William in a low tone.

“Will! Welcome home. How was your day at work?” asked Oliver.

“Well…” started William.

“Excellent! I am happy to hear that. My dear brother, we need more beer, there is barely enough to last me until the end of this week.” interrupted Oliver.

“Don’t you think you should drink less? It really is not good for you to drink this much” replied William.

“Nonsense! Alcohol is good for your blood flow.”

“Oliver, you really need to do something about this mess” William said as he pointed out at the cans of empty beer laying on the floor, the cigarette buds falling out of the ashtray and the leftovers of food all over the couch and the floor.

“Linda does not want to clean after you anymore” continued William.

“I will, I promise. Just my back is killing me. As soon as I feel better I will clean up, promised.” replied Oliver.

William walked out of the living room, and found his wife Linda waiting for him.

“So?” she asked.

“He said his back is hurting him, but as soon as he feels better he will clean up, he promised.” replied William.

“And you believe that!” Linda replied with eyes wide open with astonishment.

“Sometimes I seriously wonder what your parents did to give birth to such irresponsible and useless brothers!” Linda went on as she walked away to the kitchen.

William walked up once again to change, as he walked up the stairs, he saw his son Andrew running down, giggling, followed by Lizzy, screaming with all her might: “Bring it back you brat!”

Linda ran out of the kitchen yelling: “Kids! Stop it! You will wake up your baby brother.”

In the background, William could hear his brother yelling: “William! I need a cigarette! William! William! William! A cigarette!”

A sound came out of the bedroom. Baby James had woken up and was crying.

“William, do something!” yelled Linda.

William stood in his place, frozen. The sounds of his family members yelling and running around suddenly seemed so far away, like the sound of ships leaving the port into the distance of the ocean. He could hear them, but the more he stood there, the further they sounded. Suddenly, his son Andrew bumped into him as he ran up the stairs away from his sister Lizzy. William awoke from his moment of inner silence, only to hear all the noises again. In a fit of rage, William yelled with all the strength that was left in him “STOP!”

Silence fell upon the home.

He walked out of the door and slammed it behind him.

He sat down in front of the entrance door, and lit a cigarette. There were no sounds coming out of the house anymore. William enjoyed the moment. His mind quickly drifted away, imagining his life being this silent, all the time. A smile slowly found its way on his face, as the idea of a silent lifestyle grew more and more attractive. But a sound slowly pulled him away from his reverie. His family was yelling again.

Night fell finally and the family was fast asleep, except for William. He lay in his bed, wondering how much longer he could live this way. He knew that this life would bring about his end, sooner than he could even think. He had to find a solution, a way out of this madness.

The dawn broke the silence of the darkness. William was the first to wake up. As many of his nights, he had barely slept. As he walked down the stairs to have his breakfast, his family slowly awoke.

Lizzy and Andrew prepared for their school.

Linda walked to the kitchen the prepare breakfast for her husband and the kids.

Oliver was still sleeping in the living room. His snoring could be heard in the entire house.

Only one member of the Pigglety family was missing since the previous night, Jeffrey.

Just as William, Linda and the kids sat at the table to have breakfast, Jeffrey walked into the kitchen with his usual energetic and enthusiastic voice.

“Morning family! What did I miss?”

“Uncle Jeffrey!” yelled young Andrew as he ran to hug his uncle.

Jeffrey lifted Andrew off of the floor, and walked to his brother William, tapping him on the back as he wished him a good morning.

“Where have you been all night?” asked William.

“Oh you know, here and there.” replied Jeffrey.

Suddenly, a strange voice appeared in the middle of the Pigglety family, a voice they had never heard before, the voice of a woman: “Good morning!”

Linda’s eyes were wide open as she stared at the woman who walked into the kitchen. She was dressed in a mini-jeans skirt, an open white blouse written on it ‘Punk is not dead’, high black heels, and a myriad of colours on her face.

William turned to his brother and asked.

“Who is this Jeffrey?”

“Oh sorry, where are my manners! This is Piggy Flame!” replied Jeffrey with a smile.

“Oh my God! You brought a whore to my house!” yelled Linda.

“Now Linda, calm down, no need to make a scene” replied Jeffrey.

“A scene! You bring a whore to my house, in the middle of my children, and you are worried about a scene!” yelled Linda in rage.

“Watch it lady! I ain’t no whore! I am a hard working prostitute!” replied Piggy Flame.

Jeffrey cracked laughing as he said: “she is quite something, isn’t she?”

Linda turned to her husband yelling: “William! Do something!”

William drank the remainder of his coffee, stood off of his chair, and abruptly walked out of the house and left to work without saying a word.

William walked into the forest on his usual root to work when Winston Wolfmeister and his son Alfred appeared to him once again from behind the trees.

“Good morning William, my old friend. Have you thought of my offer?” asked Winston.

“Yes” replied William as he handed the keys to his house to Winston.

“Good. Tonight, you will have your peace of mind” replied Winston.

“Just make it quick. They are all at home now.” replied William.

It was a normal day at work. William sat at his desk and went on with his daily tasks. His colleagues tried to speak to him, but he seemed as per his usual self, completely lost in his own world. Everybody assumed that he was thinking the same thoughts he had every day, which nobody dared to ever ask him what they were. But today, his mind was fixated not on dreading what awaited him at home, but rather on where he will go after work.

On the other end of the forest, seven pigs laid bloody on the floor of a brick house. Winston Wolfmeister and his son Alfred had finally gained their revenge. Using the key William gave them, they open the door of the house, walked in, and locked themselves in with the Piggleties and Piggy Flame. The panicked pigs ran around the house in absolute mania, but nowhere could they hide from the rage and hunger of the Wolfmeisters. One after the other they fell, as the wolves devoured them and lustfully fed on their fat flesh, leaving Oliver, the fattest of them all, for the end.

Once the deed was done, the Wolfmeisters walked out of the house and stood proudly in front of the entrance door. The pigs that had once defeated them had now become their meal. Their brick house that had once protected them, had given in, when one of their own gave up. The Piggleties were no more. Except for one!

The bell rang, indicating the end of the working shift. William Pigglety gathered his belongings into his suitcase, and headed off into the usual forest root he used every day on his way from home to work and back again. But this day was unlike any other in his career.

This day William Pigglety would have peace.

This day, he would not go home.

This day, he was free again.



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