The bell rang, indicating the end of the working shift. William Pigglety gathered his belongings into his suitcase, and headed off into the usual forest root he used every day on his way from home to work and back again. But this day was unlike any other in his career. This day his thoughts were shaken by the simple words of a new employee who had just joined the staff at the barn three weeks ago. The young pig had asked William the simple question: “Will, I have been working here for several weeks; and you always seem to be lost, sad and you never join us in any event! Why?” William Pigglety could not answer the question, but he could not let it go either. It took him back in time, back to that day when his life changed forever.

It was twenty years ago when William’s life was turned upside down. He still remembers that day as if it were yesterday. That day when Winston Wolfmeister decided to attack the whole of the Pigglety family by huffing and puffing to blow their houses down and feast on their fat and juicy flesh. The wolf had succeeded in blowing down the straw house of Jeffrey Pigglety, and then the wooden house of Oliver Pigglety. Both brothers ran for shelter in the brick house of William Pigglety. William knew that both his brothers were paying the price of their laziness, as they both preferred to enjoy their time rather than put the effort and work into building a strong and sturdy house. But he also knew that he would have to give them shelter and safety until they could stand on their own again, after all, that’s what family is for, and ever since they succeeded in pushing away Winston Wolfmeister on that dreadful day, the three brothers have been living together.

When William married the love of his life, Linda, he hoped his brothers would realise the need for them to move out, but they did not. The couple then thought that maybe when kids arrive, and their family starts to grow, the two brothers would realise that the house could not hold them all comfortably, and they would leave.

Lizzy was their first born, 8 years later, Andrew was born. The years passed, Lizzy reached high school, Andrew made it to elementary school, and three months ago, James Pigglety was born. Oliver and Jeffrey never moved out. To top the whole situation off, both brothers did nothing of any use. Oliver spent his time on the couch, watching television and drinking his beer, the only time when his beer was not with him, was when he fell asleep, he spent more hours a day drunk than sober. As for Jeffrey, he was rarely at home, but when he was, no moment passed without the fear of his influence on the kids, between his drug abuse and his numerous love affairs, Jeffrey was Lucifer in the flesh of a pig!

Despite all that, William could not bring himself to kick his brothers out and preferred to deal with Linda’s constant complaints about them, rather than to have to throw them into the woods, where they would have to face danger on their own.

William walked along, dreading the moment when he would get to his house and have to face the same stories, all over again. He continued his way, when he heard a cracking sound coming out of the bushes, he stopped and looked around, but saw nothing. Suddenly, an angry wolf jumped in front of him, growling and grinding his teeth, but William did not move a muscle or make even the faintest sound. He looked the wolf straight in the eyes, and with a firm and stable voice he said: “Go ahead, tear my body apart, you would do me a great favour.”

“Well, well, now isn’t that a brave pig, or a desperate one. Which one are you, William?” a voice said from behind the trees. A second wolf came out, walking slow and with difficulties. William looked at the second wolf and said: “Winston Wolfmeister! It’s been a long time! How are your bones old man?”

“It’s a terrible pain my friend that I wish for nobody, not even a pig!” Winston replied. “Oh! Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce my son, Alfred Wolfmeister.” Winston pointed at the angry wolf.

“Nice to meet you Alfred, you are very much like your father, in the old times.” said William as he stared into the eyes of the young wolf.

Winston walked up to William and tapped his shoulder as he asked: “So William, are you a brave or a desperate pig?”

“A terribly desperate pig, old man!” replied William.

“Why is that?” asked Winston with a tone of concern in his voice.

“Ah, Winston! It is truly a terrible thing when one dreads the idea of going back to his own home, knowing that he will find no peace of mind, after a long day of work.” said William, with a voice full of sorrow.

“But William, my good old friend, why would you dread the idea of going to your own home, that you built with so much effort and care, and where your lovely wife and children are?”

William took a deep breath, as he sat down on the soft grass of the woods. He pointed to Winston to sit by his side, and started telling him the story of the past twenty years of his life, and how his home became a place of chaos, stress and constant anxiety.

“That is why I dread returning home every day of my life. I wish there was a way for me to bring an end to all of this and have my peace of mind once again.” said William as he finished recounting his story to both wolves.

“Why don’t you just leave it all behind and go away on a trip for your own pleasure?” asked Alfred Wolfmeister.

“I cannot. I have a responsibility towards them, not to mention that if I disappear for more than my working hours, complete anarchy will destroy the house!” replied William.

Scratching his head slowly, Winston replied: “Well, maybe there is a way we can help to make all that disappear!”

Surprised, William turned to Winston inquisitively and asked him to explain what he means.

Winston stood up, walked around slowly and started explaining: “my dear William, for the past twenty years, as your life was turned upside down, my life turned around one word; revenge. It became my sole goal to get revenge from you and your family for humiliating me in the world of wolves. I raised my son Alfred with the anger and drive for revenge. But as the years passed, I realised I have no way to break through your brick walls and satisfy my goal in life. However, after hearing your story, I do feel sorry for you, and I believe that we can cooperate, so that you find your peace of mind, and I get at least part of my revenge. What do you say?”

“I still don’t understand. How can we cooperate so that I regain my peace of mind, and you reach your revenge?”

“My dear old friend, all you need to do is to wake up one day, go to work, and hand me your keys on your way. Alfred and I would then easily go into your home and ensure that everybody disappears.”

In anger, William stood up, yelling at the old wolf: “Have you completely lost your mind! Twenty years after defeating you, you think I will sell away my entire family, just to go on a trip!”

Alfred stood up and started growling and grinding his teeth once again at William.

“Calm down Alfred my son.” said Winston.

William walked away in anger as Winston yelled behind him: “Think about it William and we shall meet again!”



  1. Extremely beautiful with a very pleasant & easy going language yet containing a lot ideas & Wisdom.
    Congratulations & keep going we’ll be looking forward to continue with you my dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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